Monday, February 24, 2014

Sorry! A Little Teaser? (Coffee Table)

I've been getting yelled at pretty much on a daily basis for not updating this blog...I'm sorry!  I know I owe the "after" pictures, but I do have excuses...we've been so busy on top of the fact that I want to take the final photos with our DSLR, which Ella drop and SHATTERED.  But, we finally sucked it up and bought a new one so I promise to take photos soon.  Plus, I'd like to do everything at once, and our backyard landscaping starts tomorrow, and our garage doors arrive at the end of this month, and our family room chairs STILL haven't arrived (don't get me started on that- it's been over 3 months).  When I have a minute, I'll try to take some interior photos and post those.

But I am really excited about our coffee table.  I could not find anything I liked anywhere- seriously, I spent hours searching online.  So I decided I'd have to create what I want and bought this one that I didn't love, but liked enough...

I finally finished staining it, and now I love it!  I don't know how the screen will show the color, but it's kind of a weathered grey tone stain- I think it looks so Cape Cod beach house! :)

See, you'll notice we have blankets over the couches (because I want to wait for the chairs to arrive so everything gets equally destroyed at once!), and the kids' PB chairs are serving as our family room chairs for now.  haha!