Saturday, July 5, 2014

Master Bathroom

The double doors I adore going into the bathroom...

And open looking into the bathroom...

The bathtub is immediately to the right...

And our giant storage center and hamper is to the left- LOVE this piece!


The door straight ahead is a pocket door leading to my closet and to the left is the door to the water closet...

Really bad photos of the shower...


  1. Would you mind sharing the tile information for the floor as well as where you got the mirrors and countertop information?

    1. The tile is a 2" carrara hex- I can't remember what store we got them at because we went to tons comparing prices, but they have them everywhere! You can find those at any good flooring place. The mirrors are from Home Goods. The counters are carrara- I just make sure to look at several slabs at several yards and choose every single slab myself.

  2. Can you share where you got the storage cabinet/laundry? Thanks

    1. It is part of the custom cabinetry so it was made by our cabinet maker!