Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Backyard Reno- Day Two

It's getting uglier...

There is a portable potty in our front yard, which should annoy me because it's hideous, but it makes me happy because it means we are really starting!!

I tried to find photos of the backyard after we did our initial landscaping but couldn't find much. I never really took photos or posted about it because I never liked it even after we did landscaping!

Here a few that I found from over a year ago, but the trees were much more mature when they took them out yesterday. 

And those photos don't give an accurate picture at all of the ficus they took out bc in the one photo where you can see them, they we had just trimmed them way back. They were HUGE! As much as I hated them, they provided a ton of privacy and shade, and that part I'll miss. In this old Reno photo, you can kind of see how full the branches were...

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