Friday, March 18, 2016

Soils Check: FAILED

My Baja step is gone!!

The soils guy from the county came out yesterday to approve our soil so we can move on, but he didn't approve it!  Apparently, when our lot was graded back in the 60s, they used lots of different soil and backfill, and the deep soil is very soft.  So the engineer is making our contractor dig WAY deeper.

So I said, "but aren't you going to have to backfill again anyway to get the pool shape back?"  Oh no my dear.  We have to fill it with concrete!  Expensive concrete!!!  So now we have to pay for all this extra labor to dig out unnecessary dirt and then pay to fill it with all this extra concrete.  I asked my contractor if he's ever had to do this before, and he said NO.  Yup, I'm the first one.  Deep breaths.  I guess we are going to have the most structurally sound pool on the block (in the city?)! ;)

But these guys are such hard workers.  They came at 7am this morning to start hand digging and jackhammering to get the appropriate amount of dirt out so that the soils guy can come back this afternoon and hopefully approve it.  Love it!

And even though the Baja step is gone, it looks like we have some pipes?? And we definitely have a lot of rebar!

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