Saturday, September 28, 2013

Even-ing Out

The family room floor is finally even with the kitchen!

And the hallway and entryway are now smooth- we just need to even them up to the rest of the house (you can see the playroom slab is about 2" taller than the surrounding hallway), and we'll be ready to lay some point.

Other than that, not much going on except tons of behind the scenes stuff.  I am seriously overwhelmed with decisions.  I've probably spent 4 hours at Home Depot alone with the window/door guy deciding on our windows, french doors and interior doors (which we did finally purchase).

I just cannot believe the amount of decisions.  Doors, doorknobs, hinges, lighting, cabinet knobs/pulls, kitchen faucet, kitchen sink, bathroom 1, 2 and 3 sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, tile, counters, toilet paper holders, towel bars (which are all different) is seriously endless.  And every decision takes HOURS of research to decide.

I'm trying to focus on the kitchen because I think they are starting that soon.  I have nothing chosen except white shaker cabinets (maybe?  I do keep going back to gray!) and carrera counters.  We are already SO over-budget (and we haven't even begun!) that I'm trying to cut back, but it's almost impossible!  I wanted to go with an acrylic sink, but *everyone* says that I must get cast iron?  WHY?!  The cast iron one I like is 4 times the price of the acrylic one that I like.

Here is the acrylic one...

And the cast iron...

I actually like the acrylic one better!  At least I know 100% that I want a single bowl, undermount, non-apron front sink.  I mean, that's a bunch of decisions right there, right?!

The next decision I can't seem to make is the kitchen faucet.  I think I want this type, but I can't decide on which one...

And finally, to pot-fill or not to pot-fill is the question.  I cannot decide if I want a pot filler!  I like the look of them, and probably 75% of the high-end kitchen pictures I save have pot fillers, but it is a lot of extra cost to buy the pot filler and have it installed (it means running water lines over there where there wouldn't be any otherwise).  I don't love them or hate them.  I like them.  I think it will be handy when I need it, but not used very often.  My sink is quite far from my stove (which is why I REALLY wanted an island with a prep sink, but let's not get into that disappointment again!).  Here is one that I like if I go that direction...

In good news, we signed the contract with our contractor today, and they start Monday!!!!!!!!!  They gave us a 10 week estimate, which to me sounds really fast considering we really are basically building a completely new house.  Let's hope they are right!

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