Friday, September 6, 2013

Paint & Progress

We are STILL doing demo.  We closed one month ago on August 5th, and we are STILL doing demo!  I understand that we have A TON of demo (and it's become a lot more than we thought), but I really need something to be "built" to make me feel like progress is being made!  Keep that in mind if you are ever crazy enough to gut a house- it's a SLOW process.

The guys have been at the backyard for weeks.  There is rebar in everything and all kinds of deep footings that are a b*tch to get out!  They've been jack hammering like crazy...which apparently pissed off one of our neighbors, who had the audacity to call the county on us!!!!  Can you believe that?!  Who would be that evil?  Why wouldn't you just talk to us about it?  That could have really got us in a lot of trouble, BUT we DO have permits SUCKA!  We're pretty sure we know who it was because she has complained to our demo guys before about the noise, and she does not live in our neighborhood- she lives in a gated community behind us.  In her defense, it is super loud, and I would be annoyed too...I would just never ever call the county on someone. 

Anyway, here is my stunning backyard- I know you are all jealous...

And here is the master bedroom and bathroom that you previously could not see from the back because it was covered by tall brick patio walls.  This entire area will be pushed out 10 feet to add 270 square feet to the master bedroom and bathroom.

Our cabinet guy gave us our first 3D draft of the kitchen (exciting!), and he's already started making the kids' bathroom vanity (double exciting!) so I'm trying to decide on paint colors.  I'm definitely doing gray in the kids' bathroom.  I'm definitely doing a different gray in the playroom.  But I'm still waffling about the color for the kitchen!  I feel like I should just go with white, but I do love me a gray kitchen!  Here are my choices for grays and whites...
The first gray is what I'm using in the playroom.  The next two grays are what I'm deciding between for the bathroom (and possibly kitchen).  The white will be used for all doors and trim, the exterior,  and the kitchen if I use white.  The first white has a slightly yellower or off-white shad to it.  I love white white, but I feel like the second white might almost be too white.  I painted some of the exterior siding white in different locations so I could see what they look like on the house.

I'm also trying to decide on the navy for the front door and shutters.  I loved this on the paint sample, and I even love it on the house, but I think it might be too blue?  I want it to be almost black.  It seems to have a lot of gray in it.  I might just go with black because it seems like even dark blues read so blue on the exterior.

I maybe shouldn't have painted that splotch on the front's going to be like that for a while!

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