Thursday, April 17, 2014

Front Yard & New Fence

Front yard is done!  Well, except for getting all the landscaping a bit more mature and painting our address on the fascia above the porch.  We just got our new fence installed yesterday, and I love love love how the front yard turned out!

First, here is the "before" photo...
And "after"...

Finally, lots of space to run and play!

One of my very favorite parts of our house- my adorable Dutch door- I love it!  We have it open all.the.time.  Even Gary said he loves having the door open. :)  Here it is closed:

And open...

And another front elevation feature I adore, our new Carriage style garage doors.  I'm not sure about the color because it was supposed to be almost black navy, but it's pretty true navy depending on the light hitting it so I'm thinking of repainting a much darker navy or white...can't decide...


  1. Amazing! I can't believe you do all of these things yourselves (with no designers). That is pretty amazing! Want to help me design MY house?

  2. after we removed the sod and transplanted the dogwood, all that was left to do was order some mulch, plant the new plants, and then mulch the bed. Oh, and fill in the transplant hole and re-sod it.rod iron fence