Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Moving Quickly!

More shower photos because I'm obsessed.  And I love my little 2x4 subways on the floor too. :)

Our tile guy does an amazing job, but another little remodel tip is to watch everything like a hawk so you catch little things that bug you before they can't be changed.  The kids' bathroom has 2 doorways..the border tile around the 2nd doorway looks like this, which I think looks great...
But the border tile around the 1st doorway looked like this, which I hated!  That little skinny angular parallelogram shaped piece really bugged me.
My contractor kept trying to tell me how it was a skilled cut, but I don't care- I'm sure it was hard to do, but I hated how it looked.  Gary thought I was a little loco, but I made them re-do those edges, and I'm so glad I did because it now looks like this, which I think looks so much better! 
I was able to change it because I'm at the house everyday, and I caught it before they grouted the tile (which is also why it doesn't look so great yet).

They also finished the tile chair rail around the walls in the kids'
That's our cute new window too...I didn't do privacy glass since I don't like the look of it so beware if you go to the bathroom in there- haha!

And now, what may have been a big mistake on our part.  Originally, we had our California room extending the entire length of our house, but our house is SUPER long so it seemed too big, and we changed the plans to cut the CA room almost in half.  I thought that was still going to be huge, but now seeing it with the roof framing, I think it might be too small!  I hope I'm wrong because it is something we cannot change.  On the other hand, everyone I've talked to who has done a remodel/new build of this extent has told me no matter what, there will be things you regret or wish you could change so if this is our only mistake, I'll take it!
Doesn't that look too small? Considering we planned on putting both our very large dining set and an entire tv seating area under there? I guess the ok news is that even if it all won't fit, we are planning on putting a regular patio cover over the remainder of the house so I guess we can put some furniture under that even though I wanted all my furniture completely covered.  I still think that if we did a CA room the entire length of the house, the house would be too dark so it might be for the best regardless.
I did not get on the roof- my contractor took this. ;)

More mess...

And our drywall is finally getting finished!

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