Friday, November 22, 2013

The Recent Haps

Things kind of slowed down a bit again last week.  Stuff happened, but nothing too noteworthy.  We do have a real roof now...
Which came just in time since it started raining yesterday!

They framed out the master bathroom shower and tub...and did it all wrong so it had to be torn out and re-framed today.  And I still think it's wrong, but there is nothing we can do about it.  The shower is way smaller than I thought it was going to be, and what I think is smaller than indicated on the plans, but to change it, we'd have to basically rebuild the entire addition because the walk-in closet wall would have to move, the bedroom wall would have to move, and we'd have to take out all the windows in the addition and reinstall them.  Just not worth it for a foot or two but annoying nonetheless. 

I actually don't mind it- it's still a decent size, and I'm a bath girl anyway, but I just worry about resale value since it seems like people always built these giant showers nowdays??  I'm not sure why- what do you do in there with so much space?!  It also won't have a bench, which I thought it would since it was supposed to be a lot bigger. 

The hardwood floors are going in fast- they are much darker than this photo makes it seem...
The best part about them?  There is no bevel in between the planks- they are smooth!  You wouldn't understand why this matters if you've never had the floors with a bevel (the kind of tiny v-groove) between each piece.  I HATED that about our old floors- dust and dirt gets stuck in there, and you can't get it out unless you have time to sit with a pack of wipes and go down each and every seam with your fingernail.  It's gross.

And the most exciting part for me, they are finally ripping out our front yard!!!  The bane of my existence.  The thing I hated most about the house...
I think I might cry when that hideous wall comes out.  Can I just vent for a minute?  I mean, why is that huge wall even there?  It's ugly.  It's pointless.  Why would you want to enclose a small section of the front of your yard?  With a huge, heavy, rebar filled, brick wall with several deep footings?  And even if you did that, why would you put ANOTHER one in the back of your house behind your master bathroom to make a random ugly courtyard?  And even if you did that, why would you enclose a huge section of the right side of your backyard with yet ANOTHER one of these atrocious walls??  We have had to spend thousands to get these stupid things torn out because they are so difficult to remove.  Ugh, it beyond irritates me.  Ok vent over.  Sorry. 

On a positive note, I met with a landscaper that I like and got a quote for landscaping and putting in a new irrigation system in the front yard, and I think we're going to do it!  Yay!  I do need someone to build our fence though because they don't do custom fences...any suggestions?

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