Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting Closer!

I feel like we are finally approaching the finish line (with everything but the addition, which isn't even drywalled yet).  It's CRAZY though how much finish work there is because we are doing lots of paneling, crown and base moulding, custom casing with a shelf detail, etc.- it takes forever!

To help move things along, I've started painting and Gary started paneling.  This is an awful, grainy photo, but Gary installed horizontal tongue and groove paneling on one of Ella's walls, and I painted the remaining walls navy blue...
Since I took this, they have installed crown and base in her room, but I forgot to take another picture.

Gary is also in the middle of paneling Everett's entire room in a board and batten style...

The guys poured our front walkway concrete a few days ago, and I'm thrilled that it turned out exactly how I wanted!

Today they installed our front door.  Finally, what I have always wanted...a Dutch door!  I don't care how cold it is outside, the top of that door will be open every day! :)
Ok, so it doesn't look so hot now (well, it does to me, but probably not to anyone else), but imagine it in a dark navy, almost black, and the siding around it all white.  With pretty lights on each side, a porch bench and two flower boxes with some type of topiary tree in each one...can you picture it??  Or is that just me?

We also put our kitchen and master bathroom slabs on hold today!  YAY!  Another thing I can mark off my list...
It's a carrera, but apparently it's the top grade or one of the top grade carreras???  I didn't even know there were different grades of he just saying that so he can charge me more?!  Regardless, it's the prettiest marble I've ever seen. :) 

And I want this or something like this for the master bathroom floor...
I actually wanted a chevron pattern as opposed to herringbone, but I didn't see that while we were out.  This tile is ridiculously expensive so I'm trying to find an alternative. 

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