Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Progress...Shower, California Room and a Door!

Are you sick of seeing the same shower picture?!  Well, here is another one...but a very bad quality one because the light was gone, but they grouted (I chose a light gray grout), and it looks soooo good!

They installed one of the French doors!  For everyone that will stay with us, here are your doors out to the patio!
I can't believe I was even worried about the doors- they look great!

The framing for our fireplace is in...I can't wait to see the built-ins all around it.
This is what I'm hoping it eventually looks like...

The California Room has a roof!
Now that I see it fully enclosed, I think it will be big enough- it definitely could have been a bit wider and more than a bit longer, but I *think* that our dining room set and a couch and 2 chairs will fit underneath. 

The next dilemma is where to put the outdoor tv.  I think it should go on this corner wall (and my dad and contractor agree)...
We could either mount it or put an amoire in that corner because it's a good size wall.

Gary wants it on this little wall...

I'm also trying to make another change.  I absolutely hate stucco, but the entire back of our house is stucco so they were just going keep it that way (we eventually want to put siding around the entire house, but that is definitely not in the budget right now).  I think it will look so good as a sort of feature wall to do siding just in the California room where all the sheathing is- so in this picture, just where you see the wood- stucco would remain around the kitchen window and french door into the guest room and also behind the new addition...
But of course siding is a lot more expensive than stucco so we have to get a quote to see what the difference will be.  I'm not getting my hopes up since we are already ridiculously over budget. :(

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  1. We want to add a California Room. Do you have a contractor you can recommend?