Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kitchen & Bathrooms

The kitchen is coming along...
The corbels for the peninsula are wrong so those have to be redone...which is kind of annoying because I showed them photos of what I wanted, then when we went to approve them at the shop, they were wrong so I again showed the photo of what I wanted, and they didn't change them!  And now it's a much bigger deal because that whole thing is all one piece (the thing the corbels are attached to) so it has to be redone.  The "miscommunications" (which really are just mistakes) are really irritating!!

After I took this photo, they installed some of the cabinet doors/ drawer faces...of course, I didn't like where they placed the hinges on the cabinets (long story) so I had them take the doors off and reinstall the hinges so the doors would be at the right height.  I know they think I'm so nitpicky, but I don't want to let little things go that will bug me forever!

The other possible issue is that because the kitchen is larger than I expected, the stove is quite far from the sink.  So now I think I do need a pot filler, which is also annoying because everything is drywalled so to install one, he needs to cut through the ceiling to run a water line and then cut through the drywall behind the stove (in the pantry), which obviously would have been much easier when everything was wide open.

They've placed the kids' bathroom cabinets- here is the linen closet, which I really really love...
And my exciting drywalled bedroom and bathroom...

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