Saturday, December 21, 2013


The front yard is almost done...looks a lot better, right?
It still looks a bit bare to me, but of course the plants need to grown in.  The plants along the front of the house and the walkway will all grown much larger.

All we have left is to add the fence (which will hopefully start next week), take all the tape and covers off the front door and side lights, install the porch lights, and add my porch bench and flower boxes with trees on the porch.  I'm thinking of maybe adding a flower box under the front window too.  OH, and of course the garage doors.  I think I'm blocking that out because it's just been a pain.

They finished the master bedroom paneling, and the kitchen backsplash.  Both look amazing.  The master shower is almost done being tiled.

Gary and my dad are installing closet systems in both master closets tomorrow so here's to hoping that goes well!

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