Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Closet...

I think they framed my closet wrong because seriously, it is enormous.  Not that it's a bad thing, but I'm worried that it is taking away what is supposed to be part of the bathroom.  I couldn't even get a good picture because I had to stand so far back to get the whole thing in the photo...
Doesn't that look like the size of a bedroom?!  It probably just looks bigger because there is no shelving, but now I'm thinking we should just both use Gary's closet, and I could have a 5 bedroom house plus an office!

Here is the water closet for the master bathroom (another weird requirement of mine was that the toilet HAD to be in its own room in the master bathroom)...
It eats up a lot of space because code (damn you code!) requires a lot of room on each side of the toilet and from the end of the toilet to the door, but I don't care- I'll sacrifice bathroom space for the toilet to be in a water closet with a big ol' door that can be shut and locked.

And for everyone that stays with us, here is what I'm dealing with so that you can shower- you're welcome. ;)
That second picture is a pile of dirt in my pantry!

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