Friday, October 4, 2013

Closet Talk

Gary's new walk-in closet has been framed!

But let's get real...we all know this will be half Gary's closet and half my closet (or maybe my shoe closet!!) because one closet is definitely not enough for any girl.

It's so big!  And the best part is that my closet is going to be even bigger than this one!!!!!  This house is a hoarder's dream.  There is SO much storage.  I am so excited.  Our last house had basically no storage.  In this house, we'll have 2 big walk-in closets in the master (as opposed to 2 pretty small ones in our last house); the kids' closets are at least twice the size of our last house; there are THREE hallway closets just in the section of the hallway where the bedrooms are; there is a built-in closet in the kids' bathroom; there is a "fine china closet" in the other hallway (by the kitchen); then there will be TWO more closets in the hallway behind the kitchen.  Oh, plus my walk-in pantry.  YIPPITY DO DAH!

Do you think this will mean I will finally have a clean, clutter-free house??!!  Probably not.

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