Friday, August 9, 2013

Bathroom Talk (Powder Room)

I am so overwhelmed with choices.  Has anyone else done this type of reno before?  Did it become a full time job?  Because I could seriously research finishes and fixtures all day long everyday.  At some point, I do need to get back to my real job so we can pay for these lovely fixtures and finishes!

For some reason, I became completely fixated on our powder room the other day (which is completely ridiculous since that is the last thing I should be worrying about right now).  We have a local cabinet supply store that has tons of cabinets in stock for amazing prices.  So I found this vanity that I am absolutely in love with...
I decided that I must have it for our powder room, but it is on the pricier side for a room that will probably be completely redone within 5 years (we plan on adding a full bath and possibly another bedroom to that side of the house eventually- it's just not in the budget for now).  In addition, I'm not sure it goes with our Cape Cod style, but on the other hand, I love mixed styles together in one house.  So I went back to look for something similar that was less pricey and found this...

It's less than half the price, and I do like it...but the love isn't there. ;)  I also hate the legs (notice how much prettier they are on the first vanity).  Also, we planned on carrying the hardwood floors into the powder room, and if I get a dark vanity, I'll need to do a Carrera tile floor because I feel like it will be too much dark wood in a small space.

So I decided I should just do a pedestal sink.  It takes up hardly any space, and I like how they look in powder rooms.  We had the Kohler Memoirs in our last powder room, and I really like it.
But as I was searching for it, I found this one, which I think I love even more than the first vanity!!
Is that not the most lovely sink you have ever seen?!  I was 100% set on that one...until I realized that the price was just for the LEGS.  To get the entire sink, it costs much more than even the first vanity I posted!  I don't think I can justify spending that much on a pedestal sink for a tiny bathroom when I have two other much larger bathrooms to completely outfit.  Sadness.

So I'm back to Memoirs, but then I started obsessing over the toilet for that bathroom!  I'm not a huge fan of the Memoirs toilet, but I feel like in such a small space, I have to get the matching toilet, right?  I actually love this toilet because it's less detailed or "fussy" than the Memoirs...not to mention, it's half the price...
Would that look ok with Memoirs sink?  I'm definitely getting that one for the other two bathrooms, but I'm torn on the powder room.

What's a girl to do?  I'm sure tomorrow, I'll be back to wanting the vanity.  Oy.

Oh, and I randomly found this faucet that I love, but it's SO modern, which is not my style at all.  Can I make this work?  I don't think so in the powder room, but maybe the kids' bathroom?

I have a whole 'nother post about the kids' bathroom, but this one took me so long that I don't have time to write it out right now!

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  1. Love the gray vanity and as we are, fingers crossed, embarking on our own renovation soon, I am having the same dilemma you were in regards to white versus gray cabinetry. I am following to see how it all comes together.