Friday, August 30, 2013


My biggest accomplishment today...we purchased our adorable Dutch door with sidelights- yay!  I heart Dutch doors.  I've *always* wanted one.  Sadly, it takes 5-6 weeks to be custom made so I probably won't have it until October.

Second biggest accomplishment...I think we finally decided on hardwood floors!  I think floors are the toughest decision.  The choices are beyond overwhelming, and you constantly second guess yourself.  We knew we didn't want a hint of red in them.  We knew we wanted much lighter than our old house.  We knew we wanted completely smooth or with just a small bevel between the planks.  We knew we wanted a matte finish- not shiny.  We knew we wanted large planks (6 3/8" to 7").  We thought we didn't want distressed, but I think I decided that we need at least slightly distressed (a)  for wear and tear purposes (hello, dog and 2 kids anyone?), (b) because everything I love is at least slightly distressed, and (c) it is more cape cod style.

Soooo, we narrowed it down to 4 choices (I'm not sure why I'm even posting photos because they color is SO off in photos, but at least you get the idea)...

Choice #4
This is the most expensive.  It's completely smooth and matte.  No ridges (bevel) between planks at all.  It's really pretty, but it made me think I don't want completely smooth because you could barely tell where the planks met- it was almost as if I laid down a sheet of plywood and stained it.  So this made me think I need at least a slight bevel between planks.

Choice #3
This is .20 cents less than than #4 but still quite expensive.  It's actually more similar in color to the one above than it looks in the photo.  It has a slight bevel and is distressed. 

Choice #2
This is actually a more ash or gray color than it looks in the photo.  It's almost smooth with a slight bevel.  I'm so into gray right now that I was really leaning towards this one with the gray hint to it, but I'm scared that I might not love it forever.  Gary LOVED the price because it was $3/foot cheaper than the ones above!!!!  I know $3 doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're covering around 2,300 sf, that is a savings of $6,900- yes please!

Choice #1
I'm 99% sure this is the winner.  It's mid-range in price and a beautiful color.  Slight bevel, slightly distressed, and we love the wood grain on this one.  It has a very matte finish, and I think it will sustain wear and tear really well. 

As for progress, we've been focusing on the backyard...

This is what the random enclosed thingy with a shed looks like now...

It was as tall as the brick wall and just a huge brick enclosed area that was totally empty except for that shed in the corner- SO random.  Never seen anything like it.

I don't think we have any before photos of it except kind of this one...
It's behind that first pilaster behind the 2 chairs with the table in the middle.

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