Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bye Bye Built-in

If I don't post for a while, it's probably because I've been checked into a mental institution!  This process is beyond stressful (especially when your husband leaves for a 2 week business trip immediately after demo starts, and you are alone with the kids!).  It's just one thing after the other.  The popcorn ceiling is not in fact popcorn- it's PLASTER, an exterior stucco wall jets into the family room that can't be removed, the entire kitchen ceiling needs to be re-framed to be even, after you start to remove the flooring you find 87 different floor heights that all need to somehow be leveled.

And my favorite today...remember how I said one of the things I adore about owning an older home is all the cute little built-ins everywhere?  I wanted to try and keep all of those.  We have one in hallway between the kitchen and garage...

The reason you see light in between the top and bottom doors is because the other side now looks like this!!

It's on the far left...there used to be cabinets there!  Our demo guy tore them out.  Argh.  Apparently, it had to be done because that wall needed to be cleared (it's the wall that will have our ovens, a counter/cabinet section and the refrigerator). 

I'm sure this will all be worth it in the end? 

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