Thursday, August 15, 2013

Money Pit

That is my life right now.

The hole in my kitchen ceiling is only getting worse, bigger and necessitating more re-framing...

We knew our living room floor was uneven because it is a sunken living room.  We didn't know that they floated the tile in the entry and hallways which is causing two additional different levels...

They were planning on doing an easy peasy fix of just using wood to make the living room even with the rest of the floors, but now, because of all the different levels, we have to do the extremely more expensive fix of pouring concrete all over the place to level all the floors.

I also just found out that California has the most strict residential fireplace requirements in the entire country so we are very limited on fireplace boxes.  I had picked out exactly what I wanted, but my contractor informed me that I am going to need to spend at least DOUBLE the price for something I don't like as much to pass inspection in CA.  Fabulous.  Oh, and we can't even submit the plans until I have the fireplace because we are required to provide dimensions in the plans.  Why am I tearing down a perfectly good wood-burning fireplace and rebuilding a non-wood-burning (b/c of course, in CA wood-burning is no longer allowed) fireplace in the same room????

The bar, which will be a closet, in the current family room, which will be the 4th bedroom, is almost out!

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